If We Don’t Do It Now, When Will We?

If we don’t stop and really see, smell and feel the quintessential June day in Maine today, when will we? If we don’t take in the myriad shades of green as the world explodes in new growth, watch for the returning hummingbird and try to follow her to her nest (the size of a walnut shell), or revel in the smell of new-mown grass, when will we?

Now is the time. One of the jobs of aging well is to enjoy well. It’s our job to stop and smell the roses. Before, we were too busy – taking care of children, climbing the corporate ladder, being Very Important. No longer. We’ve been there, done that. Our job now is to be overwhelmed at the beauty, creativity, the wonder of this world we live in.

Each of us has a different wonder of nature that almost takes our breath away. For me this year it was the lupines. Over the long winter I had forgotten about them. But just 2 days ago I saw those first lupines by the side of the road. I love the unexpectedness of them, the children’s story, Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney, that immortalized them, the beauty that softens our hard concrete roadways.lupine flowers

Now is the time to enjoy our spring and summer. If we don’t do it this year, we are smart enough to realize that we might not have another year to enjoy. It’s our job.

Are you doing your job? Please tell me the wonder of spring that you’re enjoying.

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