New Website Launch

Today we launched our newly designed SeniorsPlus website. So why is that such a big deal?

When I was young, communication was by telephone (2 short rings on a party line meant us), by newspaper, radio, TV, and mimeographed papers coming home from school. Remember?

And today, you’ve found a “blog” on a website on the Internet on your computer or your Smartphone or your iPad. What a difference! I can sit in my office at SeniorsPlus, type a message on a blog, and someone in China can find it and read it! How the world has changed in such a short 50 – 60 years, and even more important, how older adults have changed in that same amount of time.

It used to be that people truly believed “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, you just proved them totally wrong. You found this blog. In 1950, no one knew the word “blog”, or Twitter (except that’s what birds did) or Facebook. You, who grew up with handwritten notes, with mimeographed notices, with crackly radio and snowy TV screens – have come to know and use your computer, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs.

Congratulations to you and all of us!!

Welcome to our newly designed website. You also know, because you found this blog, you can comment on this blog and our website – I hope you do.

3 thoughts on “New Website Launch

  1. Congratulations on the new website! Being a baby boomer and using all the ‘new age’ communication tools is certainly an achievement but keeping up with the ever changing technology is a job!

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