Older Americans Month: Thriving

Thrive: to grow vigorously, flourish.
Synonym: bloom, succeed.

The theme for Older Americans Month this year is Thriving. Just because our skin makes us look more like a wrinkled prune as we get older, doesn’t mean the same thing is going on inside our souls! Aging is only skin deep, and as we’ve been told all our lives, it’s not what shows on the outside that counts. It’s what’s happening inside.

How then does one thrive on the inside as one ages? Two things come to mind:
Curiosity. Our world is a complex, fascinating place and the people who inhabit it are equally complex and fascinating. Remember the annoying stage two-year-olds go through of responding “why?” to every single statement? We need to get back to that – constantly learning and expanding our knowledge. Never say – “it’s just the way it is”. Always ask – “why?” And let yourself be blown away again by the world’s beauty, and by the strings that hold us all together.

Caring. I am a strong believer in the philosophy that the more we give, the more we get (or grow and bloom). Most of us don’t have lots of money to give – but we have love and time and understanding in abundance, and the more we give it away, the more we grow.

I recently witnessed an ugly reminder of what happens when we let the caring part of us shrink instead of grow. It reminded me that life is not all about me, that I am one tiny force, capable of inflicting chaos and stress on those around me OR growing, by giving away, the positive energy that holds our worlds together – love.

I choose to thrive.

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