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As you may know, SeniorsPlus is the area agency on aging covering Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties. One of our area agency on aging responsibilities is to produce a strategic plan for how we are going to better serve the residents of our area, during the next four years, 2017-2020. Our plan becomes part of the State’s plan, which then becomes part of the federal plan for serving older adults.

We want to listen closely to the voices and needs of people in our counties, before we write our plan. We want to know what you consider are the keys to making it possible for you to live and age well right where you are – in your own home.

1) What are the top three things needed by older adults so they can age well in their communities?

2) What are the top three things missing in your community that make it hard for you to remain in your own home?

3) What is your definition of “old”?

4) Which of the following is the correct list of services that SeniorsPlus provides to older adults and adults with disabilities? (Hint: there’s only one right answer here):
a) Meals on Wheels, Medicare counseling and fuel assistance?
b) Aging Well Living Well Expo, free dental care and caregiver support groups?
c) Money Minders, Medicare counseling, Meals on Wheels, caregiver support groups, Education Center, information and assistance, Aging Well Living Well Expo, Around Town restaurant voucher program, Long Distance Learning in Oxford and Franklin counties, early stages of dementia support group, Savvy Caregiver classes, and Matter of Balance and T’ai Chi classes.

If you would take a minute and let us know your answers to the above questions, it will help inform our strategic planning for the next four years. The best way to answer is to email me at If you can’t get to a computer, you can call me and give me your answers. My phone number is 513-3705. If I’m not available, please leave me a voice mail. Thank you.

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  1. Bathing promotes both physical and emotional good health. Yet getting in and out, up and down, stepping over bathtub and shower ridges, and lack of good grab bars all pose potential health hazards: avoidance of bathing; falling; tripping; slipping; strain and pain. Replacing old fixtures with walk-in showers with benches and scald guards are necessities for aging well in place.

    What funding is available to upgrade bathrooms in public and private housing?

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